Day Trips

A few miles of travel here or there may be worth going

You can stay at Grimsnäs and make pleasant day trips around Småland and Blekinge.

Here we mention a few examples and there are many more…

  • Golf courses within a radius of about 1 hour’s drive
  • Emmaboda GK – 25 min
  • Glasriket GK – 40 min
  • Rockatorp GK – 45 min
  • Nybro GK – 45 min
  • Växjö GK – 45 min
  • Alvesta GK – approx. 50 min
  • Binga Golf – 56 min
  • Møre GK – 63 min
  • Kalmar GK – 65 min
  • Ronneby GK – 67 min
  • Karlshamns GK – 67 min


Less than an hour’s drive and you will reach Kalmar, Kalmar Castle and the sea.

A walk among the old quarters near the castle and see the cute little wooden houses and then have a picnic up by the castle’s cannons – it has been a tradition in our family for many years. Kalmar has a charming center where there are several restaurants and cozy shops. Bathing in the sea without going to Öland is also fine. There are several bathing spots!

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Kingdom of Glass

Grimsnäs is in the middle of the Glasriket, with the nearest glass factory anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes away. Well-known Kosta with glassworks, shopping and much more, you will find 20 minutes north

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If you go to Kalmar, you can drive about 15 minutes more, like driving over the bridge to Öland. However, there can be long queues on a sunny summer day. So if you want to go and have a long day on Öland and not a long day in traffic queues… then it’s good to go early!

The island has a lot to offer. Beautiful sandy beaches can be found in several places and a walk in Borgholm for those who like shopping, galleries and cozy shops. Body cakes are a classic on Öland



In about 45 minutes you will reach Karlskrona with sea and rocky beaches, Marine Museum, Barnens Gård or Archipelago tours…

There are many to choose from!

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40 minutes to the east is the residence city of Växjö.
Here you can find the Emigrant House, Småland Museum, Kronoberg’s Castle Ruin and Småland’s most shopping…


A week of different golf courses we every round... There are 11 golf courses within 1 hour drive. The closest is Emmaboda GK 25 minutes away

Kalmar Slott har funnits sen 1200-talet och är väl värt ett besök. På slottet erbjuds guidade visningar. Det finns också en fin museibutik och en bra restaurang,

If you live here, you are in the middle of the Kingdom of Glass. The nearest glass factory is a 5-minute drive from Grimsnäs

Öland has everything, but above all Borgholm's castle ruins, fine sandy beaches and golf courses

When Karlskrona was founded in 1680, it was one of Europe's most modern naval bases. The idea was that the city would protect Sweden against threats from the Baltic Sea. The well-preserved central parts of the military city were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1998.

Well, what's a ball at the castle, Cinderella said.... I don't know, but they serve good lunches at Teleborg Castle in Växjö

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